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Creation Station is a ministry that is in part with Ladner Christian Fellowship. Creation Station is run by Merril Marocchi, the director of the daycare and the daycare board which reports to the church board and the head pastor. The daycare offers care for children from 30 months through 10 years old. There are two programs offered, the daycare program, which is for children from 30 months to 5 years and a school age program which is for children from 6 years to 10 years. We also have kinder program in the morning for kindergarden children that are close to going into grade 1.

The centre's philosophy states that we believe that each child is an individual created by God. We believe that each child should be treated with respect. We feature fun, laughter and unconditional love. We encourage children to be independent. We believe in building a child's self esteem. We are committed to helping children make friends. We encourage problem solving. We learn from them and we learn with them.

Creation Station is dedicated to providing family centered care. It is our mandate to care for the whole family not just the child who attends the center. We believe that developing a relationship with parents is an integral part of our job and is a pleasure. We want to make all who attend the centre feel like a part of our family.

We have set up a Whats App. Parents download the app on your cellphone and it's a way we will communicate with you if the daycare had to close.

The daycare will follow the school's protocol if we have a snow storm where the schools are closed, then daycare will be closed as well.

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